• 05/12/2022
  • By binternet

Selena Gomez in love: the snapshot that confirms the rumor<

Is it time to make it official? In any case, this is what the last snapshot posted last night by Selena Gomez on her Instagram account implies. We see her, in an elevator, hugged by her supposed boyfriend: Dj Zedd. Accompanied by a couple of friends, the two stars who have been at the heart of rumors in Hollywood for a few weeks, appear closer than ever. The caption attached to the photo is unequivocal: “Allusion #2 #JeVeuxQueVousSachiez”. We are aware.

And Justin Bieber in all this?

If since 2012, the year of their breakup, many twists and turns in the Bieber-Gomez affair have cast doubt on a possible reconciliation, we now know Today that Selena has indeed turned the page. Seen recently in the company of Kendall Jenner but also Hailey Baldwin, the blond with a provocative temperament has not yet formalized either of the two relationships that the media lend him.

Selena Gomez in love: the cliché that confirms the rumor