• 08/09/2022
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The Voice All-Stars: Discover the (crazy) price of Jenifer's outfit for blind auditions<

She is back !Two years after leaving The Voice's red chair, Jenifer did her comeback this Saturday, September 11, 2021 in The Voice All-Stars on TF1."As much, during the first season, I had long thought out because it did not make it very comfortable...As much on this edition, I did not think long before leaving with the friends, she told us.I like the mind where everyone takes care of the other.Admittedly, it's a big machine but there is kindness.Talents are really highlighted, we do not betray their personality.There is no intrusion into their privacy except for those who accept it.We are really focused on music.It was too great to find Florent Pagny, Mika, Zazie and Patrick Fiori.It was not a good time, it went too fast ".

A sublime blazer signed Balenciaga

Qui dit retour, dit nouvelle tenue pour Jenifer ! Et pour cette saison anniversaire imaginée pour célébrer les 10 ans de l'arrivée de The Voice en France, la plus stylée des coachs a choisi un sublime blazer -à fleurs- rouge signé Balenciaga.On the shoes side, Jenifer fell for sumptuous black boots signed Eva.An outfit that she will carry for all the blind auditions of this season.An outfit whose price will make you dizzy.

The Voice All-Stars : découvrez le prix (fou) de la tenue de Jenifer pour les auditions à l'aveugle

According to information from the Instagram Jenifer account.Fashion (which lists each outfit carried by Jenifer during her public appearances) if you dream of shopping this magnificent blazer, you will have to spend the modest sum of 2,690 euros.If you want to add the boots to your look, it will cost you 723 euros.Just that.

Certainly radiant, this outfit does not belong to Jenifer, however.Indeed, it is a loan from brands to TF1 tele-hook stylists.A recurring thing on the little screen.Popular and the poster of a very unifying program, the 39 -year -old singer represents a good way for creators to exhibit their creations to the greatest number.

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