• 02/10/2022
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Yannick Alléno opens an haute couture chocolate factory in the 7th<

Insane pralines without sugar or cream that will never leave you with the taste of excess fat? Deal. Yannick Alléno opens an haute couture chocolate factory in the 7th  Yannick Alléno opens an haute couture chocolate factory in the 7th

The greedy address that creates the event

It’s the opening that makes the event! Associated with pastry chef Aurélien Rivoire, Yannick Alléno opens a gourmet address that revolutionizes the codes of chocolate and creates surprise. In short: the must-go of the moment, and the gift that will go down well with sharp foodies under the tree.

Situated just a stone's throw from rue Cler, this setting is unique. The artist and sculptor Laurence Bonnel has staged this modern-day chocolate factory, drawing inspiration from vintage confectionery with a set of contemporary lines: trompe-l'oeil arch, display cylinders and Carrara marble...

3-star chocolate

After Patrick Roger, Cyril Lignac, Alain Ducasse, Plaq… Another chocolate factory?

 Yannick Alléno opens a haute couture chocolate factory in the 7th

“We couldn’t enter this hyper-competitive market, which is of remarkable quality, without bringing something really different,” explains Yannick Alléno. Here we make gourmet chocolates.”

Translation: it is all the know-how of a 3-star cook who puts his nose in cocoa. Result: an avant-garde chocolate, an ecological obsession and sourcing from the most beautiful origins in the world, which marks a new stage in the History of cocoa with a capital H.

A treatise on cocoa 2.0 without sugar or cream

Cold extraction, processing without sugar or cream, without stabilizers: Alléno & Rivoires, a new temple of fine chocolate, much healthier and more virtuous with a glycemic index of up to -90%.

“We carried out extremely technical work, in line with my thoughts on sauces and extractions”, analyzes Yannick Alléno, “which allowed us to adopt new reflexes.”

It gives extraordinary and fresh confectionery, to be enjoyed within 15 days, like a 3-star dessert in a palace.

His bestsellers

Among the best-sellers: the extremely fresh praline sticks that break the codes of everything you've ever tasted before and come in flavors of citrus hazelnut, salted pistachio, black sesame or roasted peanut (12 € the box of 6).

For lovers of haute couture bars (€14): salted pistachio praline, bits of Breton shortbread and milk chocolate or coconut praline. Something to revolutionize the coffee break.

Last singularity to test absolutely: candied fruits without sugar, replaced by eau de boulot. “Test the orangettes: it’s extraordinary,” laughs the chef.

Yannick's favourites? The unique, “this chocolate vanilla pod filled with vanilla cream without flavoring or preservatives, is a trip to Madagascar!” Or clovers.

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