• 24/01/2023
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The VIP square of the Parc des Princes, planetary buzz machine<

On ne va pas se la raconter. Nous n’étions pas, mercredi 27 septembre, parmi les 242 privilégiés qui ont assisté à la rencontre entre le Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) et le Bayern Munich en Ligue des champions depuis le carré VIP du Parc des Princes, à Paris (dites « le carré»», c’est plus simple).Le carré VIP du Parc des Princes, machine à buzz planétaire Le carré VIP du Parc des Princes, machine à buzz planétaire

In this ultrasselective platform rub shoulders with show business stars, financiers, large bosses, models, ministers, high-level sportsmen, elected officials of all stripes and former heads of state.They are gathered at the invitation of Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, president of PSG since 2011, when Qatar Investment Authority, the Emirate Investment Fund, bought the club of the capital.

A few minutes before the kick-off of the matches, this former 44-year-old tennis player, trusted man and representing Emir Tamim Ben Hamad al-Thani on Earth, leaves his dressing room and comes to sit at the center of thisAreoping as if he joined his courtyard.Just above the players' entrance, pile opposite the midline.Amazing views.

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Pas de journalistes dans le « carré»»

Le carré VIP du Parc des Princes, machine à buzz planétaire

We have tried to be invited against the promise of our absolute discretion, but without believing it too much (even a little meeting against the last of the French championship by an icy evening in February, we said).

The person to whom we slipped our request seemed to hesitate three seconds, probably out of politeness, before letting go: "Impossible.Journalists are not admitted, at least not to make reports.Press patterns, agreement;media group shareholders, of course.But no journalists.It is a question of respect for privacy.»»

Il n’y a donc aucune chance que nous montions les marches recouvertes d’un tapis rouge qui mènent jusqu’à ce sanctum sanctorum, aucune chance que nous soyons accompagnés jusqu’à notre siège par une hôtesse trilingue, aucune chance que nous revêtions notre tenue « business chic»» ainsi que le recommande le carton d’invitation porté à ces 242 élus d’un soir.

Full of bad luck: at a time when we write these lines (Sunday September 24, at 10:50 a.m.), our influence on social networks is limited to 3,252 followers on Twitter.Too small, my friend.

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