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Géraldine Pailhas: "Sophie Marceau took my face in her hands and said to me: 'Leave me, that I look at you'"<

"Stop crying, we're going to make a beautiful film": this is what director François Ozon launched to Géraldine Pailhas when, moved, she agreed to turn in everything went well (1), adaptation of thenovel by Emmanuèle Bernheim.The novelist, embodied by Sophie Marceau, told how she helped her father (here played by André Dussollier), victim of an AVC, to end her life, supported by her sister, Pascale (Géraldine Pailhas).A difficult subject, to which the film gives a disturbing dimension by often turning to black comedy, clinging to moments of humor or absurd: pure moments of life in a film on death.

Life, the movement, the elements that are unleashed are precisely the conditions in which we meet Géraldine Pailhas at the Cannes Film Festival, both breathtaking, hilarious and concentrated, on the roof of a hotel beaten by the winds of a gustimminent.The one we have followed since the Garçu by Maurice Pialat (1995) or the hikers of Philippe Harel (1997) also shone this year in the well-named UFO series (s), on Canal+.We are more delighted to find her.

On video, Cannes 2021: The ascent of the July 7 steps

Madame Figaro.- What was your reaction to the theme of everything went well? Géraldine Pailhas.- I knew Emmanuèle Bernheim, whom I had met at the time of the death of Maurice Pialat.It was a very special moment: Sylvie Pialat had gathered around the body of Maurice Pialat all her friends, including Emmanuèle.We met for three days, so already, I met her around something related to death.And then it happens that we met quite often on the bus.We had lost our fathers at almost at the same time, we had talked a lot about that.When his book came out, I really read it without breathing: I remember it like these somewhat unique readings, and I loved it.We talked about François Ozon at the time: obviously, I knew their professional collaboration (Emmanuèle Bernheim worked on several scenarios of Ozon, editor's note) and their friendship.One day, François called me to tell me that he had decided to adapt this book, and that he wanted me to play the role of his sister, Pascale.I was filming, but I read the script right away.I was really turned upside down that he invites me to pay tribute to Emmanuèle, and that he wants to be so faithful to the book.I already knew we were going to do something very beautiful.

The film often has a creaky humor ... How did you approach this tilting from drama to comedy, as an actress?Dussollier.It was not really easy when reading the scenario, even if I remember laughing when I saw the relationships of the two girls with their father, as this man could be undrinkable with his entourage.But I didn't know how we were going to treat it.André Dussollier really jubilee by interpreting this unpleasant, impatient character, really painful.I admit that he made me laugh a lot.

Géraldine Pailhas :

Was there any moments, on the set, when laughter burst into a difficult scene? Not really, because we were very disciplined.We could do a lot of things, we were not forced by a unique mood: we could make the absolutely dramatic version, and shift, shift, shift...To achieve a completely crazy, even burlesque thing.This is one of the things I love with François Ozon.I let myself go to do all the things that happen to me, and I think he likes it to me too.In the end, I know it is he who will keep the balance of the mood he will want for his film.François knows how to seize the moment: we talk a lot about the preparation of actors, but what I like above all is preparing, then forgetting everything I had planned to grasp the moment t.

"Everything went well", the trailer

How did you create the palpable complicity that unites you to Sophie Marceau in the film? I could not explain it, it was done like that.We met, she took my face in her hands and said to me, "Leave me, that I look at you."I knew that it was going to roll.We have many points in common.We are both a little boy, we are not at all in female rivalry.I think we appreciated a lot before meeting.And that we had a common vision of the project, a desire to be together.

These are characters who go very far for love for their family.Do you understand that we can go so far out of filial love? I believe that in the face of death, we are capable of things that our mind cannot even formulate.I surprised myself, in my life, to do things that I would never have imagined being able, even to think about it, without sobbing.I think that faced with a being we love who is in a perilous, even critical situation ... Me, my strength can be increased tenfold, I can become Wonder Woman, really.

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You climbed the steps on Wednesday ... Do we always feel the same thrill when it is not the first time? I have the impression that it is different for each film.Wednesday evening, it was different from the last time, when I had already climbed the steps with François Ozon.It was a very strong emotion too, but I have the impression that we wanted more to look at each other, to take the time, to enjoy.We were quieter, perhaps more adults, more in osmosis with each other.In half the steps, François told me "that's it, it's done".I replied, "But no, there are still some!".And I said to myself "Now you have to take advantage of it, really."It looks strange for people who don't, but there are so many symbols, work, waiting behind all this ... The reception of people, emotions.These are really cathartic moments.

What is the first thing you do when you get to Cannes? I eat a sandwich club!I am a luxury hen: I love big hotels, but it's rare that I am there.So in Cannes, I love to eat a sandwich club with fries.

And what is the first thing you do when you get home? I sleep.Or possibly I take care of my angina, I often catch it here.And, strangely, I go to the movies, as always.

What is the thing you have done and will never do it again in Cannes? Excuse me to be there.Never again.

(1) Everything went well, from François Ozon, in theaters.

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