• 06/03/2023
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Emmanuel Macron challenged to "reinvent" his presidential project<

It's an open secret among his supporters. If he has not yet formalized his intentions, Emmanuel Macron is preparing to run for a second term in the presidential election of 2022. Determined to remain in the costume of the head of state as long as possible, the tenant of the Elysée should not announce his candidacy before the end of January, swears his entourage. But one question remains: what will be his project? After having conquered power in 2017, by embodying "renewal" and "modernity", the one who now looks like an outgoing must take up a major challenge: what new can he offer the French, in order to convince them of the need to continue his lease at the Elysée, five more years?Emmanuel Macron challenged to Emmanuel Macron challenged to

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Mr. Macron will have the opportunity to specify the projects he already has in mind for a possible second five-year term, Wednesday, December 15, during an interview on TF1 and LCI. If he will not fail to enhance his balance sheet, the Head of State will also present “his vision of the future”, specified TF1, in this program entitled: “Where is France going? “Four months before the election, this subject agitates the majority and arouses an intense work of reflection from the Head of State and his relatives, behind the scenes. With a first certainty: "The next five years cannot be reduced to carrying out the reforms that we did not have time to do", warns the leader of the deputies of the Democratic Movement (MoDem), Patrick Mignola.

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Reference to the measures already presented by Mr. Macron for a possible second term. The main one concerns pension reform. On November 9, the Head of State announced that he intended to complete this project interrupted by the health crisis, in the event of re-election, with a postponement of the legal age, the abolition of special diets and the harmonization of rules between public and private. In the mind of Mr. Macron, the introduction of this reform could make it possible to kill two birds with one stone, by making possible the great reform of dependency, which he also failed to carry out. since 2017. “Working longer” could “finance new rights such as support for dependent elderly people”, he had specified in Challenges, on September 1st.

Emmanuel Macron challenged to

Another unfinished file, which is intended to come back on the table, in the event of re-election: the institutional reform, which the authorities had to bury because of the Benalla affair, in the summer of 2018. the executive, the idea of ​​a "global reform" remains mentioned, in order to implement the promises of Mr. Macron on his arrival at the Elysée, in particular the reduction in the number of parliamentarians or the abolition of the Court Justice of the Republic (CJR). On October 18, during the Estates General of Justice, the Head of State declared that his desire to put an end to this exceptional jurisdiction remained "more current than ever", after the indictment of the former - Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn, by the CJR, because of her management of the Covid-19 epidemic. The idea of ​​partially returning to the non-cumulation of the mandates of deputy and mayor, in particular for small towns, recently mentioned by Mr. Macron, could be part of this institutional package.

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