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WSOP 2010: All the Results and the Main Event in detail<

Find all the results and statistics of the 2010 WSOP, tournament reports, the performances of French players, and much more.

PokerListings offers you to follow all the results of the 2010 WSOP live and the Main Event live from Vegas!


> Event 57 - $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Championship - Main EventWinner: Jonathan Duhamel (22, CAN), $8,944,310French paid: 27Nicolas Babel (38th, $206,395), Damien Luis (41st, $206,395) , David Benyamine (58th, $138,285), Pierre Canali (70th, $114,205), Gabriel Nassif (73rd, $94,942), Jean-Paul Pasqualini (93rd, $67,422), Olivier Daeninckx (125th, $57,102 $), Michael Maitre (137th, $57,102), Thomas Demaria (351st, $36,463), Damien Rony (372nd, $36,463), Fabien Dunlop (382nd, $36,463), Alexandre Luneau (396th, $31,647 $), Olivier Matillo (406th, $31,647), Antony Lellouche (416th, $31,647), Nicolas Chappuis (417th, $31,647), Michael Oestreicher (569th, $24,079), Germain Gillard (600th, $24,079 $), Julien Lang Van (609th, $21,327),

Itay Rokni (646th, $21,327), Sylvain Biard (677th, $19,263), Sylvain Mazza (695th, $19,263), Julien Brahic (696th, $19,263), Marc Bariller (708th, $19,263 $).

Some paid notables: Scott Clements (18th), William Thorson (22nd), Johnny Lodden (27th), Theo Jorgensen (30th), Juha Helppi (86th), Robert Mizrachi (116th), Johnny Chan (156th), Scotty NGuyen (209th), Hoyt Corkins (318th), Evelyn Ng (445th), Sam Farha (452nd), Allen Cunningham (581st), Patrik Antonius (601st), Gavin Smith (730th), Humberto Brenes (736th).

Total entrants: 7319 (747 places paid)Prizepool: $68,798,6001st prize: $8,944,738

(See the rest of the Main Event tracking further down this page)

> Event 56 - $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em (1942 in)Winner: Tomer Berda (34, USA), $825,976French paid (13): Slimane Mamèche (28th, $19,732), Laurent Leclerc (48th, 13 $705), Benjamin Pollak ($11,607), Germain Gillard (67th, $9,955), Emmanuel Suire (88th, $7,589), Paul Testud (112th, $6,071), Tristan Giard (118th, $6,071 ), Yann Brosolo (149th, $5,491), David Jaoui (151st, $5,491), Aurélien Guiglini (169th, $5,044), Christophe Benzimra (170th, $5,044), Muriel Kops (182nd, $5,044 ), Thomas Guillaume (198th, $5,044).

In the money: Isaac Baron (31st), Melanie Weisner (56th), Tom Franklin (83rd), David Singer (87th), and Jamie Gold (195th), for his 4th place paid "only" since his victory in the 2006 Main Event.

> Event 55 - $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha World Championship (346 entrants)Winner: Daniel Alaei (25, USA), $780,599 - 3rd WSOP French bracelet paid (2): Ludovic Lacay (4th, $262,208), Fabrice Soulier ( 32nd, $19,839).

Ludovic Lacay ends the French WSOP before the Main Event on a superb note.

While he was confined to good performances in Hold'em until then, Ludovic Lacay created a sensation by finishing 4th in the Pot-Limit Omaha World Championship.

In paid: Alex Kravchenko (8th), Jason Mercier (10th), Phil Hellmuth (15th), Tom Dwan (17th), Blair Rodman (18th), Dave Ulliott (20th), Nenad Medic (31st), and even Thomas Kresner, the emblematic Tournament Director of the EPT.

> Event 54 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em (3844 entrants)Winner: Marcel Wonk (36, PBS), $570,960French paid (14): Sébastien Marin (76th, $5,154), Thomas Pascal (100th, 3 $182), X (right to be forgotten) (103rd, $3,182), Stéphane Keuleyan (149th, $3,182), Aristide Toubbe (173rd, $2,733), Grégory Dartois (194th, $2,733), Stevens Dodo (250th, $2,387), Gary Balliet (261st, $2,387), Claude Narcisse (265th, $2,387), Cédric Mougey (273rd, $2,110), Ruimanuel Botelho (295th, $2,110), Benoît Rossignon (357th, $1,868), Olivier Amagat (369th, $1,868), Marc Szymanski (379th, $1,868).

14 French people come out of this Event 54 paid, the record so far in this 2010 edition.

Wonk is the third Dutch player to win a bracelet, after Noah Boeken and Rob Hollink.

> Tournament of Champions (27 entrants) Winner: Huck Seed (USA), $500,000 No French paid.

The Tournament of Champions has finally delivered its verdict.

Elky finished in 12th position, eliminated by Daniel Negreanu.

Paid Rankings: 2- Howard Lederer ($250,000) 3- Johhny Chan ($100,000) 4- Joe Hachem, 5- Barry Greenstein, 6- Daniel Negreanu, 7- Jennifer Harman, 8- Annie Duke, 9- TJ Cloutier. ($25,000).

> Ante Up For Africa (83 entrants)Winner: Phil Gordon (USA), $129,086 Frenchwoman paid: Claire Renaut (9th, $12,843).

Former boxer Evander Holyfield, one of many celebrities to have played for a good cause.

Victory for Phil Gordon in this Charity Event (and last tournament before the Main Event) attended by many sports, film and television stars.

Note in the money the 2nd place of Shannon Elizabeth, 5th of Erik Seidel, and 9th of our French Claire Renaut, author of very beautiful WSOP.

> Event 53 - $1,500 Limit Hold'em ShootOut (548 entrants) Winner: Brendan Taylor (30, USA), $184,950 Frenchman paid (1): Sébastien Sabic (29th, $4,135).

In paid: Jonathan Little (3rd), Marcel Luske (22nd), Cornel Cimpan (26th), Chau Giang (30th), Nam Le (52nd), Yevgeniy Timoshenko (55th).

> Event 52 - $25,000 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Handed (191 entrants) Winner: Dan Kelly (21, USA), $1,315,518 No French paid.

Are in the money: A Frank Kassela (3rd) on the verge of equaling the record of victories in a single edition held by Puggy Pearson, Ted Forrest, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey and Jeffrey Lisandro. The man is more and more favorite for the title of Player of the Year, Other notables paid: Eugene Katchalov (6th) for his 3rd final table of the year, Isaac Haxton (9th), Daniel Negreanu (11th), Carlos Mortensen (17th), Justin Bonomo (18th).

> Event 51 - $3,000 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold'em (965 entrants)Winner: Ryan Welch (27, USA), $559,371French paid (5): Guillaume Darcourt (3rd, $223,459), Christophe Benzimra (13th , $26,554), Julien Arneodo (20th, $17,471), Yann Brosolo (74th, $6,605), Julien Brecard (89th, $5,992).

New final table and even a French podium thanks to Guillaume Darcourt.

A time chip leader, Guillaume Darcourt finished on the podium!

If Ryan Welch can boast of being a good baseball player, his brother Thomas is an American football professional, drafted by the New England Patriots this year.

Also in the money: the November Nine 2009 James Akenhead (17th), Gavin Griffin (27th), Vitaly Lunkin (31st), Tom Franklin (39th), David Singer (46th), Alex Kravchenko (59th).

> Event 50 - $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha (460 entrants)Winner: Chance Kornuth (24, USA), $508,090 No French paid.

Some notables in silver: Robert Mizrachi (8th), Jason Mercier (16th), Event 6 winner Joshua Tieman (21st), Nam Le (31st), Andy Black (34th), and Annette Obrestad (36th) for his already 4th cash at the WSOP for his first participation!

> Event 49 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em (2,543 in)Winner: Michael Linn (22, USA), $609,493 Frenchman paid (8): Jonathan Guez (45th, $11,603), Giuseppe Zarbo (51st, 9 $612), Muriel Kops (105th, $3,845), Anthony Augros (126th, $3,845), Raphaël Rocher (137th, $3,433), X (right to be forgotten) (168th, $3,433), Philippe Leconte (206th, $3,089), Fabien Perrot (257th, $2,780).

The winner, Michael Linn, is none other... than the nephew of Barry Greenstein. If we add the son-in-law of the latter, Joe Sebock, we definitely have a big poker family there!

With his 8th place paid this year, Allen Kessler (191st) is getting closer to Nikolay Evdakov's record (10 ITM in 2008).

Notable in the money: Roland de Wolfe (60th), David Pham (80th), Andy Bloch (118th), or even the winner of Event 12 Matthew Matros (194th).

> Event 48 - $2,500 Mixed Event (453 entrants) Winner: Sigur Eskeland (-, NOR), $260,497 No French paid.

A non-American winner deserves to be honored.

3rd Norwegian bracelet winner in history (after Thor Hansen and Annette Obrestad), Eskeland had already stood out as the chip leader of Day 3 of the Main Event 2008 (241st at the finish). Live poker is illegal in Norway, so it's kind of weird. Hopefully I can prove to Norwegians that poker is more than gambling, and it takes skill."

Already paid: Todd Brunson (10th), Alex Kravchenko (11th), Dario Minieri (14th), David Singer (23rd), Michael Mizrachi (26th), the double winner of Events 15 and 40 Frank Kassela (36th), Vitaly Lunkin (39th), Chris Ferguson (48th).

The Mixed Event features No-Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball, Limit Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo Split, Razz, 7-Card Stud, and 7-Card Stud 8 -or-better. The variant changes every 8 hands.

> Event 47 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em (3128 entrants)Winner: Shawn Busse (21, USA), $485,791French paid (8): Olivier Busquet (23rd, $13,907), Didier Leroy (69th, 5 $292), Aurélien Guiglini (87th, $3,856), Antoine Arnault (99th, $3,350), Eloi Relange (111th, $2,927), Claire Renaut (130th, $2,927), Jacques Zaicik (159th, 2 $589), Jean Limido (208th, $2,308).

After 15 participations without winning a single money (that same year), Shawn Busse's perseverance paid off: his first cash is synonymous with a bracelet!

In the money: Event 36 winner Scott Montgomery (29th), Antonio Esfandiari (73rd), Jeff Madsen (200th), JJ Liu (218th), David Sklansky (247th).

> Event 46 - $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better (284 in)Winner: Chris Bell (-, USA), $327,040 No French paid.

Chris Bell, or the perfect illustration that everything can change from nothing to nothing in a short time.

Ruined a year earlier, Chris Bell recovered thanks to the support of Erick Lindgren before winning gold in 2010. He is also a close friend of Gavin Smith, who also won the day before. When it comes to irony, fate is definitely king.

The list of players in the money looks great; we find Dave Ulliott on the podium (3rd), Erik Seidel (5th), Perry Green and his 3 bracelets acquired in 1976, 1977 and 1979 (8th), John Cernuto (12th), Andy Black (15th), Barry Greenstein (24th ), and Chip Jett (26th).

> Event 45 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em (3,097 entrants)Winner: Jesse Rockowitz (24, USA), $721,373French paid (7): Thomas Bichon (11th, $41,725), Didier Erb (52nd, 11 $246), Samuel Rosenblatt (80th, $6,689), Gabriel Nassif (155th, $3,846), Patrick Sacrispeyre (161st, $3,846), Olivier Busquet (243rd, $3,093), Julien Arneodo (317th, 2 $801).

Very good performance by Thomas Bichon who finished in 11th place in this No-Limit Hold'em Event with 3097 entrants!

Among the others paid are backgammon champion Paul Magriel (19th), Schawn Buchanan (36th), veterans Berry Johnston (121st) and Tom Schneider (128th), an "on fire" Fatima De Melo who goes on cashes (143rd), Maria Ho (193rd), Jonathan Little (197th), and John Juanda (297th).

> Event 44 - $2,500 Mixed Hold'em (Limit/No-Limit) (507 entrants) Winner: Gavin Smith (41, CAN), $268,238 Frenchman paid (1): Renaud Desferet (21st, $8,372)

Gavin Smith wins his first WSOP bracelet.

Champion as famous as he is respected, Gavin Smith can now be removed from the list of great players who have never won a bracelet. , 1 WPT title (in 2005) accompanied by numerous paid places, and more than $5 million in tournament winnings.

Also in the money: Hungarian Event 44 winner Valdemar Kwaysser (13th), Eli Elezra (23rd), Event 12 winner Matthew Matros (44th), Erica Schoenberg (45th), a ex-November Nine decidedly in shape, Jeff Schulman (50th), or even Svetlana Gromenkova (52nd).

> Event 43 - $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. World Championship (241 entrants) Winner: Ian Gordon (24, USA), $611,666 No French paid.

Without being as elite as the old H.O.R.S.E. at $50,000, this $10,000 World Championship in the discipline will naturally have attracted the “gratin”. Ten bracelet holders are also among the 14 award-winning players.

Find themselves paid: Richard Ashby, author of a fine 2nd place after his victory in Event 21, Eugène Katchalov (3rd), Carlos Mortensen (6th), Nick Schulman (7th), Marco Traniello (8th) , Steve Billirakis (11th), Robert Mizrachi (17th), Todd Brunson (18th), or even Scotty NGuyen (19th).

> Event 42 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em (2,521 entrants)Winner: Dean Hamrick (27, USA), $604,222 French paid (3): Arnaud Gailleurd (31st, $14,021), Arnaud Mattern (53rd, 9 $529), Mario Cordero (82nd, $4,968).

Hamrick is best known for being the first bubble boy of the November Nine, finishing 10th in the 2008 Main Event. He is also close friends with 2009 winner Joe Cada.

Other names in the money: EPT Deauville finalist Craig Bergeron (11th), Humberto Brenes (16th), one of the 2009 "November Nine" Kevin Schaffel (26th), Matt Marafioti (29th) , Nam Le (114th), Jeff Madsen (139th), Fatima De Melo (213th).

Note the 10th place of one of the star fighters of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Mike Swick.

> Event 41 - $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better (847 in)Winner: Steve Jelinek (39, ENG), $245,871French paid (1): Stéphane Gerin (54th, $4,448).

No 12th bracelet for Phil Hellmuth this time.

Great performance by Phil Hellmuth in this Event 41. The "Poker Brat" finished 7th in a tournament which could have brought him his 12th bracelet, but especially his first which would not have been acquired in Hold'em.

With this victory for Steve Jelinek, England takes second place among nations (5 bracelets) behind the inaccessible United States. Note that the man had already reached the final table of this same Event last year (6th).

Also note the 45th cash of Tony Cousineau, still without the slightest victory.

Barry Greenstein (12th), Mike Matusow (49th) and Chris Ferguson (75th) are among the others paid.

> Event 40 - $2,500 Seven-Card Razz (365 entrants) Winner: Frank Kassela (42 years old, USA), $214,085 - 2nd WSO bracelet No French paid.

The pass of 2 for Frank Kassela.

Frank Kassela wins his second bracelet of these 2010 WSOP after that of Event 15! All the more remarkable since the American was 105th out of 105 at the end of the first day!

Notables in the money: Vladimir Shchemelev (4th) -and 4th final table-, Jennifer Harman (6th), Chris Bjorin (8th), Dario Minieri (19th), David Chiu (20th), Joe Hachem (22nd) , Daniel Negreanu (29th), Greg Raymer (37th).

> Event 39 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em ShootOut (1,400 entrants) Winner: Steven Kelly (21, USA), $381,927 French paid (5): Christophe Lebreton (25th, $5,620), Thomas Belleuvre (46th, $5,620), Christophe Benzimra (52nd, $5,620), Adrien Allain (70th, $5,620), Patrick Hanoteau (77th, $5,620).

With a birthday on May 1, Kelly is the 5th youngest winner of a bracelet at the WSOP (given that the legal age to play there is 21).

In the money: Annette Obrestad (11th), JC Tran (13th), Fatima de Melo (18th), Chau Giang (23rd), Ylon Schwartz (60th), Isabelle Mercier (96th), Robert Mizrachi (136th ).

> Event 38 - $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship (268 entrants) Winner: Valdemar Kwaysser (26, HON), $617,214 Frenchmen paid (2): Clément Thumy (12th, $44,010), Marc Inizan (13th, $34,639).

Kwaysser is the second Hungarian player to win a bracelet this year after Peter Gelencser in Event 7, and the third in history (along with Peter Tarply in 2009).

Paid notables: Matt Marafioti (2nd), Blair Rodman (8th), Sandra Naujoks (15th), Amnon Filippi (16th), Noah Boeken (21st), Vitaly Lunkin (24th), Mike Matusow (26th), Marco Traniello (27th).

> Event 37 - $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. (478 entrants)Winner: Phil Ivey (33, USA), $329,840 - 8th WSOP French bracelet paid (2): David Benyamine (14th, $14,406), Alexandre Luneau (24th, $9,604). (see article )

And 8 for Phil Ivey!

Victory for Phil Ivey, for the 8th bracelet of his career (in 22 final tables)! He beats Bill Chen heads-up.

Ivey joins Erik Seidel in 5th place in the WSOP bracelet rankings, behind Hellmuth (11), Brunson and Johnny Chan (10), and Johnny Moss (9). He now exceeds $13 million in earnings in tournaments.

David Benyamine grabs his first place paid in 2010.

Among the other paid notables - to note 5 already winners of bracelets in the first 5 places -: John Juanda (3rd), Jeffrey Lisandro (5th), David Singer (17th), Steve Sung (31st), Katja Thater (34th ), Max Pescatori (47th).

> Event 36 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em (3102 entrants)Winner: Scott Montgomery (28, CAN), $481,760French paid (8): Antoine Saout (111th, $2,903), Philippe Uzan (116th, 2 $903), Fabien Perrot (140th, $2,903), Franck Cartigny (151st, $2,568), Germain Gillard (210th, $2,289), Grégory Mateos (261st, $2,065), Raphaël Scemama (290th, $1 $870), Nicolas Cluzaud (322nd, $1,870).

5th in the 2008 Main Event, Montgomery won his first WSOP bracelet, while he was still the short stack with 10 remaining players.

Among the paid notables: Svetlana Gromenkova (33rd), Leo Margets (65th), Neil Channing (136th), Liv Boeree (248th), Marco Traniello (282nd).

> Event 35 - $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship (256 entrants)Winner: Ayaz Mahmood (38, USA), $625,674French paid (2): Ludovic Lacay (7th, $94,956), Elky ( 12th, $38,424).

After 3 previous final tables and 9 duels won (including an 11-hour final against Ernst Schmejkalà in this Heads-up World Championship), Ayaz Mahmood becomes the first player from Bangladesh to win a bracelet.

2nd in the NBC Championship in 2009, Vanessa Rousso confirms all her talent in the heads-up.

Ludovic Lacay and Elky recorded a good performance for the French clan, having respectively reached the 1/4 and 1/8th finals. Also note Vanessa Rousso, another quarter-finalist.

Note that the confrontations took place in the best of 3 rounds.

Among the winners:1/2 finalists ($219,969): Alexander Kostritsyn (4th).1/4 finalists ($94,956): Vanessa Rousso (5th), Ludovic Lacay (7th). - 5 matches won /6.1/8th runners-up ($38,424): Gavin Smith (9th), Phil Gordon (10th), Alex Kravchenko (11th), Elky (12th), Martin Kabrhel (13th), Vivek Rajkumar (14th) , Chris Moorman (15th).1/16th finalists ($17,987): Maxim Lykov (17th), Melanie Weisner (18th), Sorel Mizzi (22nd), David Williams (25th), Scott Clements (28th), Antonio Esfandiari (30th).

> Event 34 - $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em Championship (3,142 entrants) Winner: Harold Angle (78, USA), $487,994 No French paid.

The 2010 edition of the Seniors tournament broke all attendance records. Its winner, Harold Angle, is almost a miracle, after falling to some 400 chips on the first day. , Angle has never played online before! "I don't even know how to turn on a computer!"

While John Woo finished 3rd in this event reserved for players over 50 (well, ok, in fact he is a namesake), we find among the many paid (no less than 323) names such as Tom Schneider (14th), Berry Johnston (39th), TJ Cloutier (225th), Hoyt Corkins (288th), Arthur Reber (298th), or even Tom Franklin (312th).

> Event 33 - $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em / Omaha (482 entrants)Winner: Jose-Luis Velador (46, USA), $260,552 - 2nd WSO braceletNo French paid.

WSOP 2010: All Results and Main Event Details

Second bracelet for Velador after a first won in 2008. It is also the 3rd cash of Phil Ivey (12th, eliminated by Velador) in these WSOP, now at 41.

Notables in the money: David Chiu (2nd), Phil Ivey (12th), Steve Zolotow (33rd), Andy Black (41st), Jeff Lisandro (42nd).

> Event 32 - $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Handed (568 entrants)Winner: Jeffrey Papola (25, USA), $667,433French paid (5): Bruno Launais (4th, $173,123), Anthony Roux ( 11th, $33,476), Samlane Phomveha (13th, $26,188), Xavier Jacquet (30th, $17,325), David Jaoui (38th, $12,653).

Bruno Launais can be proud, he grabbed a nice 4th place in this Event 32.

Second in Event 26 a few hours earlier, Papola will not have thought long by registering in the wake of this Event 32... to win! The American had already registered in the paid of the last two Main Events (90th in 2008).

Less luck for Men NGuyen, chip leader with 3 remaining players, who must bow a hair's breadth from an 8th bracelet (2nd). With 68 places paid, he is only 9 behind the leader in this field, Phil Hellmuth (77).

Other paid notables: Erick Lindgren (6th), Dave Ulliott (19th), Isaac Haxton (49th), David Singer (54th).

> Event 31 - $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. (828 entrants)Winner: Konstantin Puchkov (58, RUS), $256,820French paid (1): Régis Burlot (10th, $16,523).

Puchkov is only the 4th Russian player to win a WSOP bracelet, after Ralph Perry (2006), Alex Kravchenko (2007), and Vitaly Lunkin (2008 and 2009). interest in sometimes persevering: 2009 saw him take part in 21 tournaments... without once making money!

Notables in the money: Robert Mizrachi (8th), Lex Veldhuis (25th), Michale Craig (31st), Jeff Shulman (34th), Maria Ho (42nd), Jason Mercier (44th), Cyndy Violette (46th) , Brandon Cantu (47th), Tom Dwan (74th).

> Event 30 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em (2394 entrants)Winner: Mike Ellis (45, ENG), $581,851French paid (3): Frédéric Bussot (64th, $6,657), Natacha Leduc (70th, 6 $657), Mark Levasseur (234th, $2,908).

Other names in the money: Neil Channing (11th), Carlos Mortensen (23rd), and the Belgian Pierre Neuville (42nd).

> Event 29 - $10,000 Limit Hold'em World Championship (171 entrants) Winner: Matt Keikoan (42 years old, USA), $425,969 - 2nd WSO bracelet No French paid.

Keikoan wins his second bracelet after a first win in 2008. The American also finished 63rd in the 2007 Main Event. In the money: Brock Parker (5th), double bracelet winner last year, Michael Mizrachi (8th) for his already 3rd final table of these WSOP, David Chiu (9th).

> Event 28 - $2,500 Pot-Limit Omaha (596 entrants) Winner: Miguel Proulx (27, CAN), $315,311 French paid (3): Stéphane Tayar (4th, $96,243), Patrick Hanoteau (9th, $25,044 ), Thomas Bichon (52nd, $5,304).

Stéphane Tayar, 4th, is one of the great satisfactions of Event 28.

Among those paid, we find Chau Giang (20th), Sandra Naujoks (25th), TJ Cloutier (38th), Pete Vilandos (45th), or even two bracelet winners this year, Joshua Tieman in Event 6 (27th) and Richard Ashby in Event 21 (40th).

Stéphane Tayar continues a good run: the Frenchman has just made money at the WSOP for the 3rd consecutive year.

> Event 27 - $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or-Better (644 entrants)Winner: David Warga (41, USA), $208,682 - 2nd WSOP French bracelet paid (2): Régis Burlot (18th, 5,607 $), Manuel Bevand (45th, $3,547).

David Warga is the first player in history to win a bracelet in a normal event after having already won a bracelet from the tournament reserved for casino employees (in 2002). For the record, it was the first time that the American played this variant in a live casino.

Note the second paid place of Phil Ivey in these Series (52nd), and those of Blair Rodman (14th), Brandon Cantu (17th), and Scott Clements (41st).

> Event 26 - $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Handed (1,245 entrants)Winner: William Haydon (23, USA), $630,031 French Paid (7): Clément Thumy (18th, $23,537), Alexia Portal ( 38th, $10,537), Xavier Jacquet (51st, $8,046), Cyril André (63rd, $6,700), Thibaut Klinghammer (72nd, $6,156), Bruno Launais (112th, $4,782), Lise Vigezzi ( 122nd, $4,782).

Annette Obrestad takes advantage of her first foray into Vegas to already chain the paid places.

There are no less than 15 French paid in total on Event 24 and 26!Alexia Portal achieves another very good performance by registering for the second time in the Top 40 of a tournament (after her 22nd place of Event 17).Thibaut Klinghammer is also continuing his fine run. "Runner-up" of Event 20, he finished in the money again.

To a lesser extent, we will still note the second place paid recorded by Annette Obrestad for her first participation in the WSOP.

The notables in silver: Daniel Negreanu (16th), Sorel Mizzi (25th), Marco Traniello (39th), Steve Billirakis (50th), Chris Moorman (53rd), Jerry Yang (57th) - his 3rd ITM in 2010 and since his victory in the Main Event 2007 -, Amnon Filippi (59th), Florian Langmann (77th), Jeff Shulman (84th), Leo Margets (116th), Davidi Kitai (120th), Annette Obrestad (126th).

> Event 25 - $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better World Championship (212 entrants)Winner: Sammy Farha (51, USA), $488,241 - 3rd WSO braceletNo French paid.

Although rather a fan of cash games, Sam Farha still won his 3rd bracelet.

Star of the High Stakes Poker and finalist of the Main Event 2003 against Moneymaker, Sam Farhar wins his 3rd WSOP bracelet, after those of 1996 and 2006 (already in this Event).

Among the others paid: Mike Sexton (10th), Steve Zolotow (16th), Chino Rheem (19th), John Cernuto (22nd), Jeffrey Lisandro (24th), Huck Seed (25th).

> Event 24 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Short-Handed (3289 in)Winner: Jeffrey Tebben (USA), $503,389French paid (9): Frédéric Bussot (15th, $23,384), Jean Santoni (22nd, 14 $741), Christophe Benzimra (27th, $14,741), Gérard Zeitoun (67th, $5,505), David Jaoui (94th, $3,404), Arnaud Mattern (150th, $2,604), Fabien Perrot (283rd, 2 $072), Ludovic Riehl (311th, $1,864), Michael Leibgorin (332nd, $1,864).

> Event 23 - $2,500 Limit Hold'em Short-Handed (384 entrants) Winner: Dutch Boyd (29, USA), $234,065 - 2nd WSO bracelet No French paid.

Boyd won his second WSOP bracelet after winning the Short-Handed No-Limit Hold'em Championship Event in 2006 against Joe Hachem.

Second final table for JJ Liu after that of Event 9. The American player finished 7th in this event. We also find among the paid Michael Binger (22nd), Swawn Buchanan (24th), Justin Bonomo (32nd), and the Czech Martin Kabrhel (33rd).

> Event 22 - $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship (1054 entrants)Winner: Vanessa Hellebuyck (35, FRA), $192,132 Other French paid (2): Fatima Gaonach (12th, $10,833), Audrey Jaudhuin ( 93rd, $1,954).- A first French bracelet!

Vanessa Hellebuyck brings back the 1st bracelet to France!

The feat of the first French bracelet... comes from a French woman! Already 5th (/65) in the Ladies Event in Monte Carlo, Vanessa Hellebuyck wins the Ladies Event of the 2010 WSOP by triumphing over the Danish Boesen in front of 1052 other participants! Cock-a-doodle Doo !

Other notable players in the money: Evelyn Ng (29th), Lacey Jones (41st), Liv Boeree (53rd), Maria Ho (75th), plus former winners of this Event, Linda Johnson (31st), Svetlana Gromenkova (33rd), and Carol Gardner (55th).

> Event 21 - $1,500 Seven-Card Stud (408 entrants) Winner: Richard Ashby (38, ENG), $140,467 No French paid.

Richard Ashby has a heads-up player, American Christine Pietsch, who fails to become the 16th woman to win a bracelet in a mixed tournament.

The Canadian Sorel Mizzi (6th) and the Russian Alex Kravcheno (9th) are the only notables to enter the money.

> Event 20 - $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha (885 entrants) Winner: John Barch (39, USA), $256,919 Frenchman paid (1): Thibaut Klinghammer (2nd, $158,698).

Thibaut Klinghammer, 2nd in Event 20. Is the bracelet getting closer?

Arrived short stack for the heads-up, the task was announced to be difficult for Thibaut Klinghammer; he will even finally lose from the first hand against his American opponent. He took the opportunity to take the lead in the ranking of French earnings.

John Barch had already distinguished himself by finishing 3rd in the 2005 Main Event won by Joe Hachem. There he won the biggest Pot-Limit Omaha tournament in history (86 players more than in 2009).

Among the notable payees: Nenad Medic (4th), Blair Rodman (7th), Jonathan Little (30th), James Akenhead (45th), Jason Mercier (64th).

> Event 19 - $10,000 2-7 Draw Lowball World Championship No-Limit (101 in)Winner: David Baker (23, USA), $294,321 No French paid.

Are in the money (14 places paid): John Juanda (4th), for his already 3rd final table of these WSOP 2010 (tied with Vladimir Shchemelev), Erik Seidel (6th), Daniel Negreanu (8th), Andy Bloch (9th), Chad Brown (13th).

> Event 18 - $2,000 Limit Hold'em (476 entrants) Winner: Eric Buchman (30, USA), $203,607 Frenchman paid (1): Gabriel Nassif (23rd, $6,237).

The 2009 November Nine seem in good shape at the 2010 WSOP.

4th in the Main Event 2009, the American Eric Buchman already made the powder talk in 2010 by winning the bracelet of Event 18.

Other paid players include fellow November Nine 2009 Jeff Shulman (13th) and Event 12 winner Matthew Matros (9th).

> Event 17 - $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em (792 entrants)Winner: Jason Dewitt (26, USA), $818,959 French paid (2): Alexia Portal (22nd, $25,386), Magide Kerzazi (53rd, 14 $517).

New great performance for Alexia Portal, 22nd in Event 17.

After a third and a second place in 2009, Jason DeWitt finally got there!

In the money we find Antonio Esfandiari (12th), Josh Arieh (26th), Amnon Filippi (29th), Isaac Baron (31st), Ted Lawson (39th), Chau Giang (41st), Lisa Hamilton (46th) , Phil Hellmuth (50th), Vitaly Lunkin (65th), Chino Rheem (68th), and Annette Obrestad (72nd) for her first place paid on American soil.

Finally, note the very good performance of Alexia Portal, who finished 22nd.

> Event 16 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em 6-handed (1,663 entrants) Winner: Carter Phillips (21, USA), $482,774 Frenchman paid (3): Rui Cao (63rd, $4,669), François Balmigère ( 118th, $3,345), Marc Davis (159th, $2,828).

4th in the EPT of Deauville 2010, Craig Bergeron finished on the podium, 3rd. Among the other paid: Chris Bjorin (44th), another November Nine 2009, Eric Buchman (93rd), the winner of the Main Event of the 2007 WSOP Jerry Yang (96th), or Hoyt Corkins (131st).

> Event 15 - $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better World Championship (170 entrants) Winner: Frank Kassela (42, USA), $447,446 No French paid.

Jennifer Harman, second player to reach a final in 2010 after JJ Liu.

A fiery Final Table! Among the paid (of which David Benyamine and Edouard Mignot are not part), we find Jennifer Harman on the podium (3rd), Steve Zolotow (4th), John Juanda (5th), an impressive Vladimir Shchemelev (already two final tables including one 2nd place in the $50k Players Championship (7th), the Italians Dario Minieri (8th) and Alessio Isaia (12th), and Blair Rodman (15th). Mining 1).

> Event 14 - $1,500 2-7 Draw Lowball No-Limit (250 entrants)Winner: Yan Chen (45, USA), $92,817 No French paid.

We find in particular in the money the Russian Alex Kravchenko (7th, $9,658), David Rheem (9th), the Englishman Chris Bjorin (13th) and Erik Seidel (14th). The Hungarian Peter Gelencser, already winner of the previous 2-7 Lowball tournament (Event 7), finished 23rd.

Note that Phil Ivey himself named Yan Chen as his fiercest opponent when he won the same tournament in 2009.

> Event 13 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em (3042 entrants)Winner: Steven Gee (54, USA), $472,479French paid (3): Michael Leibgorin (214th, $2,244), Claire Renaut (252nd, 2 $025), Frederic Brelot (287th, $1,834).

Among the paid notables, Andy Black (32nd), Ylon Schwartz (34th), Shaun Deeb (86th), Vitaly Lunkin (88th), Liv Boeree (189th).

> Event 12 - $1,500 Limit Hold'em (625 entrants)Winner: Matthew Matros (33, USA), $189,870 No French paid.

Great victory for Matros, who reached the final table in 8th position out of 9 in chips. Matros had already stood out for a 78th place in the 2008 Main Event. He totaled some $1.5 million in tournament winnings.

Note the 22nd place of Mr. Jennifer Harman, Marco Traniello (22nd), Ylon Schwartz (50th), and Phil Ivey (53rd).

Dwan falls within two fingers of his first bracelet.

> Event 11 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em (2,563 in)Winner: Simon Watt (NZE) French out (5): Antoine Amourette (21st, $17,577), Cédric Adam (72nd, $6,850), Elky (91st , $4,394), Norithreaksm Chheng (159th, $3,460), Frédéric Bussot (162nd, $3,460).

Tom "durrrr" Dwan ultimately fails to win his first WSOP bracelet, in second place.

> Event 10 - $10,000 Seven-Card Stud World Championship (150 entrants)Winner: Men N'Guyen (55, USA), $394,807 - 7th paid WSOP French bracelet (1): Edouard Mignot (16th, $24,900).

7th bracelet for Men "The Master" NGuyen.

New performance for Michael Mizrachi in this first World Championship tournament (Event at $10,000), who finished 6th after his victory in Event 2. French side David Benyamine again draws a blank; not Edouard Mignot who takes the first of the paid places, a nice 16th place.

> Event 9 - $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em (650 entrants)Winner: James Dempsey (27, ENG), $197,470 No French paid.

Nice 3rd place for the player JJ Liu. Three women finished in the Top13 (with Julie Farkas 9th and Melissa Hayden 13th), a first. Finally, note the 41st place for Tom McEvoy, 42nd for Cornel Cimpan, 46th for Jonathan Little and 52nd for Tom Schneider.

> Event 8 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em (2,341 entrants) Winner: Pascal LeFrançois (23, CAN), $568,974 French paid (4): Ludovic Agier (106th, $3,792), Gérard Zeitoun (183rd, 3 $128), Brian Benhamou (233rd, $2,844), Stéphane Croes (235th, $2,844).

Shirtless for the photo of the bracelet, a first!

No 12th bracelet for Phil Hellmuth who finished 15th. This 76th cash further consolidates the "Poker Brat" at the top of the ranking of the number of paid places at the WSOP.

Original, LeFrançois decided to stand out by posing for posterity... shirtless!

> Event 7 - $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball Limit (291 in)Winner: Peter Gelencser (22, HON), $180,730 No French paid.

Gelencser is the second Hungarian in history to win a bracelet after Peter Tarply in 2009.

Notables in the money: Ted Forrest (12th), Eli Elezra (15th), Hoyt Corkins (22nd), Andy Black (24th), David Singer (30th).

> Event 6 - $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout (358 entrants) Winner: Joshua Tieman (27, USA), $441,692 Frenchman paid (1): Nicolas Levi (5th, $92,543).

Nicolas Levi, 1st French finalist of these WSOP.

The first big French performance of these WSOP is to be attributed to Nicolas Levi, 5th in this Event 6 "Shootout" with 358 participants.

The English Neil Channing finished second, his compatriot John Dutie 16th, Dario Minieri 22nd, Chris Ferguson 30th, Tom Dwan 35th, and the "November Nine" 2009 James Akenhead 36th and last paid.

> Event 5 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em (2,092 entrants) Winner: Praz Bansi (32, ANG), $515,501 - 2nd WSO bracelet No French paid.

Praz Bansi is no stranger to the WSOP: the Englishman has made money every year since 2006 (the year of his first bracelet).

Among the others paid: Humberto Brenes, Antonio Esfandiari.

> Event 4 - $1,500 Omaha Hi-Low Split 8-or-Better (818 entrants) Winner: Michael Chow (33, USA), $237,463 No French paid.

A professional since 2007, and for his second appearance at the final table, Chow won his first bracelet on his 33rd birthday! Note among the paid the 18th place of Huck Seed ($9110) and the 3rd of Ylon Schwartz ($94561).

> Event 3 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em (4345 entrants)Winner: Aadam Daya (31, CAN), $625,872French paid (2): Brian Benhamou (104th, $3,363), Allan Faure (176th, 2 $854).

With 4345 participants, this Event 3 has become the 6th biggest tournament in the history of the WSOP.

Curiosity: Irving Rice (10th) and Rich Rice (9th), father and son, fail to make history; no father-son duo has ever reached the final table of a WSOP Event.

> Event 2 - $50,000 The Poker Players Championship (116 entrants)Winner: Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi (29 years old, USA), $1,559,046 David Benyamine, the only Frenchman registered, does not enter the money.- Robert Mizrachi, first crowned star

First bracelet for the youngest of the Mizrachi brothers.

First edition of this great mixed games tournament (Limit Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, Seven Card Razz, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, No- Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball) replacing H.O.R.S.E. at $50,000.

The two Mizrachi brothers, Robert and Michael, have achieved the feat of reaching the final table together. Only two siblings had succeeded before them, Annie Duke - Howard Lederer in 1995 and the Boatman brothers in 2002.

> Event 1 - $500 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em (721 entrants)Winner: Hoai Pham (43, USA), $71,424 No French involved.

Hoai Pham, won the first bracelet of the 2010 WSOP.

As usual, casino employees open the ball at the World Series of Poker for the first bracelet awarded (out of 57 this year). It is therefore the American of Vietnamese origin (whose anthem he will choose) Hoai Pham, 43, croupier in San Diego, who is the first winner of 2010!


The 2010 WSOP in numbers


While waiting for the long-awaited outcome of the 2010 Main Event in a little more than three months, find the balance sheet of these World Series of Poker 2010 through some statistics, records, and astonishing figures.

600,000The total number of hands dealt in this tournament according to an estimate by Jack Effel, the famous WSOP Tournament Director.

72,966 Like the number of entries recorded in these World Series, an increase of 20% compared to 2009 (60,875). This population equivalent to that of a city like Cannes took the opportunity to generate the largest prize pool in history, $187,109,850, compared to 180,774,427 in 2008.

7,319 With 7,319 participants, this 2010 Main Event is the second biggest in history, behind that of 2006 won by Jamie Gold (8,773). All Main Events in WSOP history have a total of 50,756 entries.

3,142 Among the records recorded during this edition, Event 34 was the biggest Senior tournament in history, with 3,142 participants.

216 Like the number of players who took part in this year's Main Event (unofficial figure), or 3% of the field.

117Like the number of countries represented in the 57 tournaments. They were 115 in 2009. Note that only Antarctica has never been represented.

92 countries were represented in the Main Event, with 68% of American players.

78 That is the approximate number of hours of play that our 9 brave Main Event finalists have already swallowed through 8 full days to earn the right to return in November and compete for victory.

Jack Ury always has an eye.

37.3The average age of Main Event participants (37 years and 4 months), with John May as the youngest (21 on Day 1C) and the ever present Jack Ury and his 97 years in that of the eldest.

Note that the average age of bracelet winners in 2010 was around 34 years old.

The years go by but things are still bubbling for the Costa Rican Humberto Brenes.

8 With an eighth cash result in the Main Event, Humberto Brenes is now second in the ranking of players with the most paid places in this tournament. He is only two lengths behind Berry Johnston.

As for the latter, with two successful paid places in Events 4 and 45, this 1986 World Champion now has 28 consecutive years at the WSOP, having achieved silver at least once! He now ranks in 4th place in the ranking of the number of places paid, with 61.

In the same kind of record, we note the 37 consecutive years of presence of Howard 'Tahoe' Andrew!

1 Only one "November Nine" 2009 managed to reach the silver in the Main Event 2010, the American Eric Buchman (554th).

Another single-unit stat: American Frank Kassela (still on course to finish the Series' Player of the Year) is the only player this year to have managed to win at least two bracelets. They had been 4 in 2009 (Phil Ivey, Greg Mueller, Brock Parker, and Jeff Lisandro (3 for the latter)).

In bulk - Stats of winners Of the 56 bracelets awarded this year (pending the Main Event in November), 39 will be left in the hands of a pro player, 8 in that of semi-pros, and 9 in that of amateurs.

Vanessa Hellebuyck will have offered a bracelet to France in 2010.

The United States legitimately takes the lion's share due to a number of participants disproportionate to other countries (38 winners). England and Canada follow (5 each), then the surprising Hungary (2). France is one of the six other countries (along with New Zealand, Russia, Norway, the Netherlands and Israel) with one victory, thanks to Vanessa Rousso winner of the Ladies tournament.

Finally, it should be noted that 9 of this year's winners already had at least one bracelet on their wrist.


WSOP Main Event, Day 7 - End of the French Dream


Which of the final 27 will have their photo complete the painting?

Of the 5 French players remaining in this Main Event, there will ultimately be none left at the start of the last day of competition before the November final table is drawn up.

France will not have a November Nine this year. At the end of this Day 7, the objective of which was to reach 27 players, our last five French people in the race will all have found their way out.

Gabriel Nassif was the first to suffer the elimination, on a failed A♣ K♦ corner-flip against J♥ J♣. "Yellowhat" already recorded its 8th place paid at the WSOP with this fine 73rd place in the Main Event, synonymous with $94,942.

Pierre Canali was quick to follow, in a confrontation with a slightly more inevitable outcome, A♣ K♦ against K♠ K♣. At almost 28 years old, the member of Team Barrière leaves with $114,205 for his 70th place.

Damien Luis, 41st in the most prestigious tournament after qualifying for $30 on the Internet.

The one on whom undoubtedly rested the greatest French chances, David Benyamine, finished his tournament in 58th place ($138,285). His Q♠ T♠ had only slim hopes against the A♥ J♥ of the Canadian LeFrancois who flushed on the flop. After a disappointing start to the WSOP, "Big Ben" concluded its Series in style by recording a second consecutive excellent performance in this Main Event (102nd in 2009).

Hopes remained high after the dinner break for our last two thieves, Damien Luis and Nicolas Babel, the latter having even a little earlier succeeded in a corner-flip on the river for his survival, under the explosion of joy of the French clan.

The former would eventually end his tournament with a "beautiful death" in 41st place ($206,395), his 4♠ 4♥ colliding with the A♣ K♥ and A♥ Q♣ of Hasan Habib and William Thorson finding their ace.

Nicolas Babel finished best French in this 2010 Main Event.

Nicolas Babel saw his pair of T♥ T♦ shortly afterwards fall against Joseph Cheong's K♥ K♦, finishing 38th ($206,395) and completing the great French adventure in the 2010 Main Event.

In terms of the other events of the day, the surprise came from the explosion in flight of the Danish chip leader Theo Jorgensen at the start of the day, victim of a bad blow and a little bad luck to finish.

Among the 27 remaining players, only Scott Clements, Michael Mizrachi (slightly slowing down), William Thorson, Johnny Lodden and Hasan Habib (already a finalist in 2000) remain on the notable side.

By nation: USA (16), Canada (3), England, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway (1). Previous bracelet wearers: Michael Mizrachi, Hasan Habib, Scott Clements, Pascal Lefrancois ( Event 8).

See you tomorrow for the -almost final- verdict of this Main Event with the designation of the 9 finalists who will have the right to return in November to compete for the most prestigious of bracelets.

Top of the day


WSOP Main Event, Day 6 - The Club of 5


The French still in the running in this Main Event are doing more than defending themselves. There will still be 5 of them heading back to the Amazon room for Day 7, … and starting to be able to eye the final table.

Of the eight French people at the start of Day 6, five will have managed to reach a new stage in this Main Event. Now with 78 remaining, final table dreams can begin to grow for our last brave representatives.

Damien Luis, qualified on the Internet.

Michael Maitre and Olivier Daeninckx will have been the first French people to have to bow after holding out well since the elimination of Thomas Demaria in 351st place, before Jean-Paul Pasqualini also joined the outgoing ball at the end of the daytime.

We will therefore find Damien Luis (who will have even had the honor of being chip leader), a David Benyamine who is still present, Nicolas Babel, Gabriel Nassif, and a Pierre

Canali now in a critical situation. All these men will still have to whip, all being below the average of the chip count.

At the level of the other losses of the day, we note the outings to the acclamations of Johnny Chan (156th), the Belgian Joël Benzinou (151st), Robert Mizrachi (116th) who leaves his last brother Michael alone to carry the torch of the family, or the discreet but regular Juha Helppi (86th).

The great adventure of the Brazilian Gualter Salles will also have come to an end. This former racing driver had indeed fallen to a meager chip of 1000 at the start of Day 5 when he thought he had been eliminated by his opponent. A little later there it was at 939,000, returned to the average and above all well and truly still alive, to finish today at a

beautiful 117th place.

Another great story could have come from the man named John May. At just 21 years old (he had them a few days ago during Day 1D), the American was the last to still be able to dethrone Joe Cada from his honorary title of youngest player to ever win the Main Event in 2009 Alas, May's road will also have come to an end two days before the final table.

A time chip leader, Michael Mizrachi confirms his incredible 2010 Series, and will undoubtedly deserve his title of Player of the Year of the WSOP. He was finally overtaken at the end of the day by the Danish Theo Jorgensen.

Selective chip count:

1- Theo Jorgensen (Denmark) 9,300,000

Theo Jorgensen, our new chip leader.

2- Michael Mizrachi (USA) 7,535,0005- William Thorson (Sweden) 6,525,0008- Alexander Kostritsyn (Russia) 5,715,000--- middle stack 2,800,000 --- 39- Eric Baldwin (USA) 2 135,000 40- Johnny Lodden (Norway) 2,105,00045- Damien Luis (France) 1,850,000 55- David Benyamine (France) 1,540,000 61- Nicolas Babel (France) 1,220,000 63- Hasan Habib (USA) 1,165 00065- Gabriel Nassif (France) 1,125,000 66- Scott Clements (USA) 1,085 00077- Pierre Canali (France) 655,000

Top of the day

> Take a look behind the scenes at the WSOP Main Event!


WSOP Main Event - 8 French to Day 6


8 French people hold the rope in this Main Event 2010, being part of the 205 survivors of Day 5 to resume the game today.

Pierre Canali

Things have accelerated like never before since the bubble burst yesterday, and the tournament is slowly getting back to a human size, as the tables disappear and the playing area shrinks.

There are now only 205, sitting on 24 tables.

Among them we find 8 French, including David Benyamine, after the outings of Michael Oestreicher (569th), Fabrice Soulier (562nd), Dimitri Rassam (528th), Barbara Martinez (who therefore ends up best French in this Main Event, 527th ), Nicholas

Michael Maitre
Michael Maitre

Chpuis (417th), Antony Lellouche (416th), Olivier Matillo (406th), Alexandre Luneau (396th), Fabien Dunlop (382nd), Damien Rony (372nd), and Thomas Demaria (351st).

Note for our border friends the beautiful 271st place of the Belgian Thomas Declerck and 249th

Gabriel Nassif

and 224th of the Swiss Arna Riedberger and Serge Didisheim.

As for the girls, only one player remains after the elimination of Dorothy VanSachsen, the American Breeze Zuckerman.

American Dorothy VonSachsen.

Internationally, the incredible Mizrachi brothers (Robert and Michael) are still there, as is Johnny Chan.

The road has unfortunately come to an end this time for our Champion Camp package winner Benjamin Blair, who will still have benefited from the shopping session of the

Our 214th qualifier.

day to walk away with a brand new laptop in addition to the $48,847 he raised for his 214th place finish.

Lauren Kling, the last November Nine 2009 in the race Eric Buchman, Sam Farha, Evelyn Ng, Hoyt Corkins, and Scotty NGuyen will also have found the exit on this Day 5 a few minutes from the end of the day.

You can find the complete results of this Main Event on our WSOP summary page.

Olivier Daeninckx

Olivier Daeninc

Selective chip count at the start of Day 6:

1- Evan Lamprea (Canada), 3,546,000 5- Theo Jorgensen (Denmark), 3,088,000 8- Alexander Kostritsyn (Russia), 2,564,000 9- Johnny Chan (USA), 2,559,00027- Pierre Canali (France), 1,827,000 30- Michael Mizrachi (USA), 1,793,00035- Damien Luis (France), 1,736,00040- Johnny Lodden (Norway), 1,625,00042- William Thorson (Sweden), 1,607,00045- Scott Clements (USA), 1,535,000 --- middle stack 1,071,000 ---

85- Phil Galfond (USA), 1 025 000111- Nicolas Babel (France), 896 000127- Olivier Daeninckx (France), 768 000 132- Jean-Paul Pasqualini (France), 736 000145- Joël Benzinou (Belgium) , 629 000149- Gabriel Nassif (France), 611 000 153- Michael Maitre (France), 574 000 156- Juha Helppi (Finland), 555 000178- David Benyamine (France), 353 000201- Robert Mizrachi (USA), 224 000

blinds 6000/12000 ante 2000


WSOP Main Event - They're in the money!


As expected, Day 4 delivered a first and sizeable verdict in this Main Event: the 747 paid players are now known. And among them are 27 French!

Sign of a tournament that has just passed into its final phase, the day saw the Pavilion room empty of its last players before everyone ends up in the Amazon, until next year.

But this Day 4 promised above all to be synonymous with the fateful moment of the bursting of the bubble and entry into the paid places (747).

It's payday time!

Of the 38 French people at the start of the day, 12 will have found their way out before this milestone, including two of our last three French women, Mercedes Osti and a very affected Vanessa Hellebuyck (our only bracelet winner this year). .Barbara Martinez will have been luckier some 100 places from silver, to the point of being penalized for a too prominent cry of joy, when surviving thanks to an improbable full "runner-runner" (hit thanks to turn and river combined).

International Kathy Liebert, JJ Liu, Blair Rodman, Barry Shulman, actor Hank Azaria (Friends, Godzilla), Annie Duke, Barry Greenstein, Erica Schoenberg, EPT winner

Nicolas Babel

Monte Carlo Grand Final Nicolas Chouity, as well as Dan Harrington (just 9 places from silver), ended their Main Event today by leaving empty-handed.

At this stage, the strategies and states of mind were obviously different depending on the diversity of the mats. On the side of Belgian Joël Benzinou, for example, things were going to be tricky: “I'm short, it's push or fold”.

The moment of the bubble unleashes all the attention around the tables.

But even for a Nicolas Babel who has been one of the best French carpets since yesterday, there was no question of resting on his laurels: “I can't just wait. The $18,000 seats don't interest me. confided this regular of the Aviation Club de France.

The crucial moment that will have unleashed an incredible ballet of cameras around the tables will even have had an unexpected surplus of suspense, since it is at the moment of entry into the "hand by hand" (where all the remaining tables follow the same rhythm, 4 eliminations from the bubble) that the director of the tournament Jack Effel will have pronounced the dinner break, under the boos and disapproval of the assistance.

Tim McDonald, the "bubble boy" 2010.

An hour after the game resumed, it was finally to the unfortunate Tim McDonald that all the honors went to be the last player to leave empty-handed... But as is the custom, the man is still offered his ticket to this same Main Event next year.

The stage of the bubble crossed and dozens of eliminations will have followed. Among them we note those of Humberto Brenes, Gavin Smith, Patrik Antonius, Allen Cunnigham, or Frank Kassela, well on his way to the title of WSOP Player of the Year. Unless Michael Mizrachi (whose 3 brothers are also in the money!) still leads his Main Event far.

Among those who are also continuing the adventure, we find Scotty NGuyen, Evelyn Ng, or our latest survivor of the PokerListings Champion Camp Ben Blair.

27 French players finished this year in the money, ie 7 more than in 2009, and they are now still 19 who can dream of doing even better than Antoine Saout.

Headline of the day

The 27 lucky winners of 2010:

- Already paid:

Julien Lang Van, one of the 27 lucky Frenchmen paid for this Main Event 2010.

Germain Gillard (600th): $24,079 Julien Lang Van (609th), Adrien Allain (630th), Itay Rokni (646th): $21,327 Sylvain Biard (677th), Sylvain Mazza (695th), Julien Brahic (696th ), Marc Bariller (708th): $19,263

- Still in the running (574 players remaining) and already guaranteed a minimum of $24,079:

24- Thomas Demaria (969,000) 28- Damien Luis (919,000) 78- Fabien Dunlop (685,000) 101- Nicolas Babel (612,000) 134- Dimitri Rassam (529,000) 137- Alexandre Luneau (509,000 ) 157- Pierre Canali (487,000) 173- Damien Rony (457,000) 186- Gabriel Nassif (446,000) 197- Jean-Paul Pasqualini (434,000) 225- Olivier Daeninckx (400,000) --- middle stack 387,000 --- 259- Michael Maitre (357,000) 275- David Benyamine (329,000) 350- Mikael Oestreicher (252,000) 425- Antony Lellouche (182,000) 443- Nicolas Chappuis (165,000) 469- Barbara Martinez (148,000 ) 502- Olivier Matillo (118,000) 520- Fabrice Soulier (104,000)


WSOP Main Event, Day 3 - The noose is tightening


Things are gradually settling in this Main Event 2010. They are still 1205 after a devastating Day 3, but now only a few hours away from the money.

From 7319 at the start and 2557 at the start of the day, they are only 1205, and yet still far from the paid places. The "In The Money" will still be reached on Day 4 to come (tonight in France).

Barbara Martinez, one of the last three French women in the running.

Of the 63 French people at the start of this Day 3, they are still 38 to be able to claim a paid place.

We find among them a Nicolas Babel author of an incredible flight, well launched in the middle of the day by a square of 8 against a full max opponent. Will also be there Jean-Paul Pasqualini, Fabrice

Soulier, David Benyamine, Fabien Dunlop (2nd in a WSOP Europe Event in 2009), Christophe Benzimra, Antony Lellouche, Adrien Allain, the winner of the NRJ Poker Stars show in 2008 Julien Lang Van, Benjamin Pollak, and our last three French girls Barbara Martinez, Vanessa Hellebuyck and Mercedes Osti after the releases of Alexia Portal and Vanessa Rousso.

Internationally, many notables have also left us, including Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, Phil Laak, David Sklansky, Jennifer Harman, Dave Ulliott, Chris Moneymaker, or even Maria Ho, Kara Scott and Lacey Jones on the side of these ladies.

It's over for the defending champion.

The 2010 edition will also crown a new champion since last year's winner Joe Cada is also among the victims of the day. Only one "November Nine" 2009 is still on track, Eric Buchman, 4th in 2009.

For the record, we note that it is totally the opposite for the whole Mizrachi family. The four brothers Michael, Robert, Eric and Danny are indeed still there!

The iconic Johnny Chan.

If Dan Harrington, winner in 1995 can still claim a new title, it is the double champion 1987 and 1988 (and 2nd behind Phil Hellmuth in 1989) Johnny Chan who will have particularly marked the spirits by positioning himself for a chip time leading and ranking in the Top 10 for most of the day.

The last member of Team PokerListings still in contention after Dilba's exit, our Champion Camp package winner Ben Blair was able to benefit from a discussion and coaching session with the Croatian champion today of Team PartyPoker Dragan Galic during the dinner break.

Always good to take when you find yourself a little later on the TV table alongside Scotty Nguyen!

Ben and everyone else are now only a few hours away from the fateful bubble. Money should be reached after some 6-7 hours of play in the upcoming Day 4.

The 38 French players just a few hours into the money game in this 2010 Main Event:

Nicolas Babel (588,000)Thomas Demaria (520,600) Pierre Canali (508,500)Jean-Paul Pasqualini (458,500)Fabrice Soulier (426,000)Alexandre Luneau (420,000)Kevin Martinet (409,800)Michael Ostreicher ( 328,700)Fabien Dunlop (327,800)Damien Rony (323,400)Dimitri Rassam (313,900) Olivier Daeninckx (311,300)Damien Luis (277,400) David Benyamine (259,300)Alexandre Bonnin (218,400) Christophe Benzimra (217,100) )Antony Lellouche (201,600)Germain Gillard (197,900)Michael Maitre (189,200)--- middle stack 182,000 ---

Ianni Fra (180,200)Adrien Allain (160,000)Gabriel Nassif (146,100) Sylvain Biard (145,200)Marc Bariller (138,400)Julien Lang Van (134,500)Nicolas Chappuis (100,800)Julien Claudepierre (90) 400)Julien Brahic (77,500)Vanessa Hellebuyck (75,300)Christophe Bernard (69,900)Barbara Martinez (68,500)Olivier Matillo (65,000)Benjamin Pollak (64,200) Sylvain Mazza (51,000)Imad Derwiche (50,600) Nazim Guillaud (39,800) Mercedes Osti (21,000) Nadim Shabou (20,000)

blinds 1200/2400 ante 300


WSOP Main Event - Get serious


The four Day 1s and two Day 2s completed, the approximately 2,500 survivors will now resume competition together after a day's break.

“All-in and a call table six! » « all-in and a call table 172! ". The particularity of Day 2 is to begin to hear a veritable concerto of croupiers manifesting themselves aloud to announce a player all-in and paid. As a result, it is also at this stage that we begin to see a real orgy of serial eliminations.

These last two days will therefore have sounded the death knell for many players, and we will no longer see Phil Ivey (finalist last year), Doyle Brunson, Antonio Esfandiari, Chris Ferguson, Liz Lieu, Shannon Elizabeth, Luca Pagano, Gavin Griffin, Tom McEvoy, Marcel Luske, Ted Forrest, or even David Pham.

On the eve of the World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain, orange has been in the spotlight at the tables for the past two days.

On the French side, the losses will also have been heavy since our epic 2009 finalist Antoine Saout, Ludovic Lacay and Thomas Bichon will have left us, as will Claire Renaut.

The same goes for Team PokerListings. Day 2A got the better of Andrew and Kippe's last chips, while Belinda saw her dreams shattered by a nasty blow on Day 2B. All-in with a set of 5s against the pair of opposing queens, another queen on the turn sealed the adventure of our Champion Camp winner in a very nasty way, who will now be able to continue enjoying Vegas.

From 5146 at the start of two days 2 (2412+2734), there will now be only around 2500 (final stats to come) in a reunited table this time.

36 French people have passed the obstacle of Day 2A, and we will have to wait for the final chip count of Day 2B to

Well locked in their plastic bag, the chips will also be able to rest before the game resumes on Monday.

find out the precise count of our qualifiers for Day 3, around sixty. Among them we will find David Benyamine and Vanessa Rousso, authors of a rather good day.

The stats for this Main Event have just been released. The average age is 37 years and 4 months, and no less than 92 countries were represented at the start. The United States is naturally the most represented with 4,973 nationals, or nearly 65% ​​of the field. France ranks 4th tied with Germany, with 176 participants.


WSOP Main Event - On the way to Day 2


The end of Day 1D has just wrapped up the first round of the 2010 Main Event, which is the second busiest in history.

The stakes are cast... at least for the first four days of qualifying now complete in this Main Event of the 2010 World Series.

One of the questions that animated many conversations on the last day of the first round was whether the number of 7,000 players would be exceeded this year.

With 2391 entrants during this Day 1D, the answer is positive. They are therefore 7319 to have registered in this Main Event 2010 (generating a prizepool of $68,798,600), that is to say 825 more than in 2009. 747 players will be paid, and the winner will walk away with the tidy sum of 8,944 $138.

David Benyamine

This 41st edition thus becomes the second biggest in history behind the Main Event 2006 and its 8773 participants.

How the sometimes freezing temperature that rules the Rio and the Amazon Room (thanks to the air conditioning on the hot air balloons) has not yet cooled poker buffs. And then at worst they end up ordering blankets when their table ends up right next to the air conditioning!

The down jacket, the next fashionable poker article?

For the American Jason Mercier, an influx of international players is in any case the main reason for this year's success. “I just think more people wanted to try their luck this year. Interest in poker is growing in all countries. Not so much in the United States, but especially in Europe. »

More than 100 French in the second round

Among the entrants of the day we will have noted the debut of Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Barry Greenstein, Jennifer Harman, John Juanda and Joe Hachem (both eliminated) or even Chris Ferguson, without forgetting those of the incredible dean accustomed to the place Jack Ury, ... 97 years old!

Antoine Saout

On the French side, even if they were less numerous than yesterday, the day will have been marked by the entries of David Benyamine, Vanessa Rousso, and Antoine Saout, returning to the scene of his exploits after his 3rd place last year.

While waiting for the final chip counts to be established when all the small plastic bags where each player's chips are locked up during the night have been counted, we can estimate at a good hundred the number of French people who will leave during the one of the two Day 2s, led by Alex Bonnin and his 127,000.


WSOP Main Event: Day 1C


The strong debut (and equally well-received exit) of Phil Hellmuth and the debut of defending champion Joe Cada were some of the highlights of the day.

After the first two days of relative calm, the beginning of the excitement we expected finally showed up on Day 1C (2,314 entrants), including in the corridors of the Rio Convention Center, much more filled with world than in recent days.

The appearance on the track of a fine panel of stars will perhaps have already attracted more curious people. It is also this day that Phil Hellmuth will have chosen for his now traditional arrival with fanfare at the Rio. this time in the - rather sober - features of an MMA boxer.

If these rantings don't make a Doyle Brunson laugh, others will have taken their game time to enjoy the show, not without humor like Mike Matusow: “Phil Hellmuth is going to force us to see this shit again. I can't believe I'm here for this nonsense. »

The Amazon room, more and more full

The man with 11 bracelets will finally now have plenty of time to train in a duel with Wanderlei Silva, since his Main Event will not go further than this first day, with an elimination in the middle of the day. An elimination which will even have been announced at the microphone at the assembly of the two rooms and which has led to a certain fervor.

Many others will have left the debates without as much noise, starting with the winner of the Huck Seed Tournament of Champions, quickly out. The 2007 champion Jerry Yang, Dario Minieri, Men Nguyen, Vicky Coren, Tom "durrrr" Dwan are also among the victims of the day.

Other sessions of big murmurs or applause will have been heard today, the first at the very beginning of the day when Puyol sent Spain to

final of the Football World Cup with a furious whim, then at the announcement of the presence of Howard "Tahoe" Andrew, 75, for his 37th consecutive participation since 1974, a record!

After NASCAR driver Julius Caesar, here is Phil Hellmuth the boxer!

On the French side, there were many of them at the start of the competition on this third of four Day 1s. Day 1D in which Antoine Saout, 3rd last year, almost did not participate according to certain rumours, after an evening that turned sour and saw him leave Pure handcuffed at Caesars Palace this Sunday.

But the French pro will finally be there, to the delight of his supporters.


WSOP Main Event: Days 1A and 1B


Two first "Day 1" of the Main Event of the World Series of Poker 2010 are in the box. If everything naturally remains calm, the first big outings are still to be noted.

Tuesday, July 6, a little after midnight: the first two days of the Main Event have already come to an end in the Amazon Room at Rio.

The excitement isn't quite there yet, as the first days of big tournaments usually boil down to light skimming with their low blind levels.

From 1125 and 1489 players, we have dropped to 819 and 1053 respectively. Some people don't like these first long days where you have to be patient, as Chris Moneymaker confided to us during the EPT of Monte Carlo.

In the French ranks there are respectively 12 and 27 on this first day to continue the adventure.

It's the 2004 champion Greg Raymer who soberly launched the debate this year, “we're not going to waste time, let's shuffle up and deal! »

Belinda Roberts, one of our package winners, is living her dream.

The "Fossilman" was obviously in a hurry because his appearance at the tables was also brief, eliminated after just over an hour of play.

Day 1s don't usually endanger the best players, but there will still have been a few to bite the dust, with Nick Schulman, Isaac Haxton, TJ

Cloutier, Mike Caro and thus Greg Raymer for Day 1A, Liv Boeree, Ivan Demidov, Erick Lindgren, Joe Sebok, Annette Obrestad or the 2006 champion Jamie Gold for Day 1B. Michael Mizrachi asserts himself a little more as one of the best players of the 2010 WSOP, by already positioning himself among the best stacks.

On the French side, the losses are notable since it is no less than Arnaud Mattern and Elky (on a set against straight) -among others- who see their Main Event come to an end prematurely.

As for Belinda, our 49-year-old Australian winner of one of our WSOP Champion Camp packages, her day hasn't been easy, but her journey and above all her dream continue. And in a poker tournament, that's always the point!


WSOP 2010 Main Event: Here we go!


As the final tournaments draw to a close, the World Series of Poker Main Event kicks off today.

$10,000 entry fee, 12 days of competition (not counting the final table to be held again in November), some 7,000 players expected, ... the biggest poker tournament in the world is in the height of excessiveness and the stifling heat of Vegas.

The excitement was still far from there these last few days in the corridors of the Convention Center of the gigantic Rio casino, where only the final table of the Tournament of Champions deigned for the moment to attract the interest of the curious. Everything will now change very quickly from noon on Monday, July 5 (9 p.m. French time), and the official kick-off of the WSOP Main Event!

This year, live from Vegas, we will of course follow the many French people to take part in the event, and join the dance during one of the four "Day 1s" that could be described as skimming. Everyone will hope to do even better than Antoine Saout, unexpected finalist of the 2009 edition having failed with a bit of luck from an incredible feat.

His executioner and defending champion Joe Cada will obviously be there to defend his crown, as will our winners of the WSOP Champion Camp, including Belinda, who came especially from Australia.

But the player would not have missed the adventure for the world, after having triumphed over some 2,000 and then 700 players in the qualifying freerolls. "I've been playing poker since 1988 and being here at the World Series of Poker is a real dream!" But make no mistake, Belinda is not here just for sightseeing: “I don't put pressure on myself but I'm here to win! »

Just like probably his thousands of future adversaries in a little corner of their heads. So shuffle up and deal!


An 8th bracelet for Phil Ivey


And 8!

Phil Ivey is a little more legendary. At only 33 years old, he already won the 8th WSOP bracelet of his career.

Phil Ivey goes a little further into the story. By winning Event 37 of H.O.R.S.E. at $3,000, he adds an 8th bracelet to his collection in 22 final tables, his third in 2 years. We obviously won't forget his 7th place in the Main Event last year.

At the end of a tough final table (4 other bracelet holders who finished in the 4 best places behind him, including John Juanda and Jeffrey Lisandro), he beat heads-up Bill Chen, one of the specialists in mathematical theories, who had yet managed to acquire a 3.5 to 1 advantage in chips.

Ivey now ranks 5th in the honorary rankings for the number of bracelets, tied with Erik Seidel, and behind Phil Hellmuth (11), Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan (10), and the late Johnny Moss (9). Of his 8 trophies, 3 were acquired in 2002 and 2 last year.

The biggest curiosity is that none of these 8s were acquired in a Hold'em tournament (2 in Pot-Limit Omaha, 1 in 7-Stud, 1 in 7-Stud Hi-Lo, 1 in S.H.O.E., 1 in Deuce to Seven, 1 in Omaha-7Stud Hi-Lo, and therefore now 1 in H.O.R.S.E.), unlike Phil Hellmuth, all acquired in this discipline!

Going 30

At 33, however, Ivey is the youngest to reach such a figure so early. And the man is still so eager for challenges, it is towards a goal of 30 that he is now moving. “I think I can win 30 if I keep playing and stay healthy. At the rate he's gone so far, he could hit that number by the age of 48. And in a purely theoretical way compared to his age and human life expectancy, he will have to glean at least 1.5 bracelets on average each year.

Still as discreet in the media, Ivey begins by savoring this new coronation: “This victory is particularly good because there are not many tournaments left. (...) I will now continue and I hope to win another one by the end. »

With these $329,840 (the biggest win of his 8 WSOP victories), Ivey now has total winnings of more than $13 million (13,182), increasing his lead over Daniel Negreanu (12,633 ).


Ev.2 - Michael Mizrachi, first crowned star


By winning the prestigious inaugural tournament of the $50,000 Player's Championship (replacing the H.O.R.S.E.), Michael Mizrachi grabs a first WSOP bracelet on his already well-stocked list.

The H.O.R.S.E. at $50,000 which until now awarded the Chip Reese Memorial Trophy (since the death of the champion in 2007) has this year been replaced by a Mixed Games Event (Limit Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, Seven Card Razz, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, No-Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball), still at $50,000, the Players'Championship.

Who says monster buy-in means very strong floor. Of the 116 participants, 54 already showed themselves to be holders of a WSOP bracelet.

Only David Benyamine took the start on the French side, but “Big Ben” saw his race stopped on Day 2.

One of the attractions was watching the two Mizrachi brothers, Robert and Michael, both make it to the final table. A feat that only two siblings had managed to accomplish before them, Annie Duke and Howard Lederer (brother and sister) in 1995 and the Boatman brothers in 2002.

After having taken the skin of his brother (“at least I would have made good use of his chips”), it is the youngest, Michael, who will have managed to trace his path to the heads-up, but especially winning the victory against the Russian Vladimir Schmelev.

At 29, "The Grinder" won his first bracelet, to add to an already well-stocked track record (19 WSOP paid places, 2 WPT titles, more than $8.5 million in tournament earnings). He joins his brother who already had one, acquired in 2007. “If I had to win a bracelet, it was definitely this one that I would have wanted. Winning the Chip Reese Memorial Trophy is something very special to me. I hope to prove myself worthy. The Israeli-American walks away with $1,559,046.

Among the other notable paid places, we note those of David Oppenheim (3rd), John Juanda (4th), Robert Mizrachi (5th), Daniel Alaei (7th), Nick Schulman (9th), Alexander Kostritsyn (10th), Andy Bloch (16th).