• 12/10/2022
  • By binternet

Live Covid-19: what to remember from Sunday day<

CAS n ° 1: you (or another person) use more than $ this.View.Author.Devicelimit appliances and/or browsers at the same time → Disconnect yourself from the devices and/or browsers that you do not use

Case n ° 2: You browse in private mode → Disconnect yourself systematically before closing the browser window

Case n ° 3: You refuse connection cookies in your browser settings (or an update has changed your settings) → Change the cookies acceptance settings of your browser

In all cases → Click on "Continue on this device" solves the problem

En direct Covid-19 : ce qu'il faut retenir de la journée de dimanche

What's going on if I click on "Continue on this device"? You can take advantage of your account on this device and all your other device will disconnected.You can always reconnect there, within the limit of $ This.View.Author.Devicelimit Appliaments.

How can I see connected devices? Go to your customer area then click on "Manage the equipment".If you go after clicking on "Continue on this device", there should only be one.